I was inspired by the myth of the pandora box. I drew some illustrations before I made the lampshade’s model.

I  employed foam boards, after I cut squares  and strips , then I stuck them with a glue gun.

I miscalculated the strips so I shortened them.

I tried to create an unstructured effect at first sight,  but something really meticulous.

Next step, I will made this in reality with a wood’s structure. Then I will wrap it with a black  fabric or a wool in order to reproduce a storm. The light will come out of the box, and it will embody the hope inside the box. you can see it on the second drawing, unfortunately the quality is quite bad.

At first, I want to thanks the “maison du geste et de l’image de Paris” which without, I wouldn’t made these photographies. I also want to thanks my art teacher who initiated this project and my school friends who posed, took the photos and realised this project with me.

In these photo’s series, We tried to express the desire and the dream.

The first serie and the last serie, show a girl who is falling asleep. To retranslate the movement, we made a photomontage by superimposition.

For those in the middle, we spaced out the time between the taken of  the photos, so that the camera can captured all the mouvement. The blurred was used to create this feeling of parallel world, the dream’s world.

We choose to employ different background to mark the separation of these worlds. The black for dream because of the night and the white for the day, the reality.

The desire is represent by the gestures of the models. The unveiling of the body, the facial expressions were thought.

this paint is an watercolor and pastel on canvas. I choose vivid color to create an enjoyable environment, plus I wanted people to identify, those characters have no religion, color of skin, sexual orientation, etc.

You can see 6 characters painted in watercolor. The edges  were made with a black china ink pen. The background was done in pastel.

At the foreground, the two characters turn their back to each other. I wanted to express the separation because of their difference, their prejudice.

At the middle ground, they are face to face. It embodies the end of their illusions, they recognise each mutually.

At the back ground, you can see they can exchange and share. I choose the kiss because it is something that I considered really intimate, besides it is our choice to share it with someone or not.

This mobile was my first project. I made it during the Snowden case so I tried to depict a satellite linked with several mobile phone.

To hang up these elements, I utilised the structure an airer for socks.

I sewed a night blue velvet on the layout.

Then I sewed some silver ornaments to represent the star in the sky.

Afterwards, I took a roll of paper towel that I painted. For the first  end of the roll,  I glued cardboard paper, I drilled it with a needle in order to pass a strand of nylon and  I made a knot.  I repeated the experiment with the other end but I stuck  the cardboard paper after.

Next,with strand nylon I suspended the mobile phone (they are unusable) with the hooks intended for the socks.

I choose to stage the violation of the privacy, and I tought that used the mobile as symbole would be very strong. Without giving my point of view, I felt concerned especially for the children’s future. I was wondering if they would have the chance to have a privacy, because now I feel like we are losing ours

[Forgive the poor quality photos but I do not have a photo studio at my disposal, I did the best I could ^^’ ]